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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

My 9th Grade High Schooler!!

     It's so hard to believe that I have a child who will be 15 in just 3 weeks! Where has the time gone? Very soon, he will be driving! Sigh!!!! WHERE is my BABY???!!
     Any he is, in the 9th grade, and I am so excited and blessed to be able  to get to watch him grow and learn!
     This year, he will continue to go with Dad to work, as a Volunteer (if he so chooses), once a month. He wants to join the Saline County Christian Home Education Association (SCCHEA) Basketball Team.  And now is the time to buckle down and get some Credits under his belt!
     For his 9th grade courses, he will be doing all but 3 with Easy Peasy. The other 3 will come from Math U See, Spelling U See, and Christian Light Education (CLE).
     As I stated in yesterday's post, Easy Peasy has everything we need, and more, but we like our Math, I wanted to supplement the Spelling, and there was an Elective Lane wanted from CLE.
     From Easy Peasy, he will do the following Courses (it looks like a lot, but we want to get as many credits out of the way as we can, so he can get a job his Junior and Senior Years and not be overloaded with school, while holding down a job -- plus, each course really doesn't take long):
  • Foundations - This is one Elective that will be great for his future!
  • Bible I - He will end up reading the entire Bible in his 4 years of High School. This year he will read from Genesis 1 - 1Samuel 24, and Matthew.
  • Literature and Composition I -  This is an Advanced 8th Grade Course on Easy Peasy, but is on par with 9th grade level.
  • Early American History - Also known as Honors US History I, He will be studying the Age of Exploration through the Reconstruction Era.
  • Art Appreciation - He will study a wide range of works from the Gothic period through World War II, the first half of the School Year.
  • Music Appreciation -  He will learn about classics from the Baroque period through the jazz age, the second half of the School Year.
  • Spanish I - He really wants to learn German (not sure, but I told him he had to learn Spanish first. It's important for him to learn Spanish in this area. So, he'll take 2 or 3 courses in Spanish, then if he still wants to, we'll see if we can find a German Course or two.
  • Oceanography with Lab Work -  He's mainly doing this one, because the other courses are recommended for higher grades, but I think he'll enjoy it.
  • P.E. & Health I - He'll do this 3 days a week.
     For Math, he'll be doing Pre - Algebra.  He's not thrilled with doing the Spelling U See, but I think it is important that he spell correctly. So, he will be doing the Americana course. Hopefully it will help ALL of the boys spell better.  

     Now, his course from CLE is probably the one he is looking forward to the most! Auto Upkeep is what he personally picked. He says he'd like to work for a Mechanic, and maybe open up his own Auto Body Shop one day. This will be an excellent start for him!!
     As I said, it looks like a lot. Twelve courses IS a lot, but he will actually only be doing eleven, since Art and Music are both only half a year. And P.E. & Health and Auto Upkeep are both done every other day, with P.E. done 3 days a week, and Auto done 2 days. So, he's really just doing ten, each day. But, as I said, even though each course is very well rounded, they don't take very long. The reason being, so that the students can get the education they need, yet still pursue their interests. That's the main reason why I like Easy Peasy (other than the fact it is FREE!!) So, the goal is to be finished shortly after lunch every day. I think before lunch is asking too much, but he may surprise me! And the beauty of Homeschooling is that if he just can't keep up with it all, for whatever reason, we can stop doing a course or two, and do it next year!
God Bless you all!
Colossians 3:17
And whatever you do, in word or deed, do everything in the
name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through him.


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